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Online Convert Case Tool

Upper Case to Lower Case and Vice Versa

Simply copy and paste your text into the textarea above and click on the buttons at the bottom to convert it to one of the various cases, including:

  • Upper Case - converts all letters into uppercase.
  • Lower Case - converts all the letters into lowercase letters.
  • Capitalized Case - converts the first letter of each word into uppercase.
  • Sentence Case - the 1st letter after each punctuation mark is converted into an uppercase letter. That is, it capitalizes only the first letter of every sentence.
  • Title Cae – convert the first letter of every word except for some words like is, and, for, by and so on. used in websites for titles.

Once you have got converted text to your required case, press the copy text button to copy the text to the clipboard. Or press the Download button to download it as a text document.