Online Find and Replace Tool

Find a word or a string from a block of text and replace it with another text.

What Find and Replace tool do?

Sometimes you may need to replace a particular word with another word in a document. It would a time-consuming process to do it manually.

The online Find and Replace tool helps you to speed up the process of finding and replacing a word with another word in a block of text.

How to use this tool?

Find and Replace tool is easy to use. Just follow the simple instructions given below.

  • Copy and paste the text or code in the text area above.
  • Now enter the word or the text you want to replace in the "Find Text " textbox.
  • Then enter the replacement word or text in the "Replace Text " textbox.
  • Press the "Replace " button to perform find and replace operation.
  • Press the "Copy " button to copy the output text or press “Download” to download it as a text document.

What type of inputs will work with Find and Replace tool?

The Find and Replace tool finds a string in the inputted text and replaces it with another string. So, texts from all languages including English, Mandarin, Spanish, and others would work.

This tool can also be used to find and replace some string in programming languages. I have tested it with the following ones:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

If you find it not working with any language, feel free to contact me.

Can I replace multiple texts at the same time?

Yes, if you want to replace multiple words at the same time press the “Add” button. It will add another combination of “Find” and “Replace” textboxes. Use the down arrow button next to the replace button to minimize the textboxes.

How to remove a word instead of replacing it with another?

If you want to remove a work (or a string) completely, enter the word in the “Find text” field and leave the “Replace text” field empty.