Online HTML Tag Remover Tool

Do you want to extract text content from an HTML document? HTML Tag Remover is the right tool for the job.

About HTML Tag Remover tool

Use the HTML Tag Remover tool to quickly remove HTML tags from a string. This online tool strips all types of HTML tags like <div>, <p>, <span> from a given text.

After removing the HTML tags from the string this tool also formats the output text by removing empty lines and extra whitespaces. 

How to use HTML Tag Remover Tool?

Just follow the very simple steps given below to extract the text content from HTML using this tool:

  • Copy and paste the HTML code in the textarea.
  • Click the “Remove HTML Tags” button to remove the HTML tags.
  • Now you can copy the output by clicking the “Copy” button. 

To download the output as a text document click the “Download” button at the button of the textarea.

What does the output format option do?

Usually, HTML codes are formatted with indents for readability. When we remove the HTML tags the formatting gets retained which makes the output text unreadable. To overcome this issue the HTML Tag Remover tool applies its own formatting to beautify the output text. 

The formatting applied to the output text includes removing empty newlines and removing extra whitespaces. You can remove empty newlines manually using this tool and remove whitespaces using this one.

If you don't want to format the output just uncheck the “Format Output” checkbox.

How does the HTML Tag Remover tool differ from others?

There are many sites that offer tools to remove HTML tags from a string. What makes this tool differ is:

  • It can format output text after removing HTML tags
  • It can remove contents inside tags like script and style
  • Offline capabilities: it can work without an internet connection until you clear the browser cache. 

The HTML Tag Remover tool works almost all the time except when there is some custom code in the HTML input. If you find any issue feel free to contact me.

How many times can I use this tool?

You can use the HTML Tag Remover tool as many times as you want. It is completely free.