Online Whitespace Remover Tool

Remove extra whitespace from text. This tool can also remove all whitespaces from the text.

What Newline Remover tool does?

Sometimes you may need to remove line breakers from a document. The Newline Remover tool allows you to remove newlines (line break) from text or HTML, JavaScript, and codes from other programming languages.

How to use the Newline Remover tool?

Using this line break remover tool is very straight forward. There are two input fields (text area) above.

  • Copy and paste the text or code that contains empty lines in the first field and press “Remove Newlines” in it.
  • Now all the line breaks in the inputted text will be removed and the output will appear in the second field.
  • Press the “Copy” button in the output field to copy the text or press the “Download” button to download it as a .txt document.

What type of inputs will work?

The Newline Remover tool only removes line breaks from the inputted text. So, text from all languages including English, Mandarin, Spanish, and others would work. The tool can also remove empty lines in codes from programming languages. I have tested it with the following ones:

  • JavaScript 
  • HTML
  • CSS

This tool is really helpful when you want to quickly minify your code. If you find it not working with any language, feel free to contact me.

How to remove only empty lines from the text?

This tool is particularly used to remove line breaks (newlines). If you want to remove only the empty lines then use the Empty Line Remover tool.