HTML Hyperlink Generator Tool

About this tool

Use the free HTML hyperlink generator tool to create HTML links, also known as hyperlinks, for your website or any website URL. With this tool, you can create a <a> hyperlink with attributes and stylize it with colors and font size.

How to use the HTML Hyperlink Generator tool?

Using this tool to create HTML links is very simple. Just follow the few steps given below to create HTML hyperlinks.

  1. Add the URL in the “Destination URL” textbox.
  2. Add the display text in the “Link Text” textbox. If no text is given, the URL will be used as the link text.
  3. Add necessary values to “Attributes” inputs. If an attribute is not required, leave it empty.
  4. Add necessary values to “Font Size” and “Text Decoration”. If not required, leave it empty.
  5. Select colors for your link using color text boxes (“Link Color”, “Visited Color”, and more). If you don’t want a color option, disable it using the checkbox.
  6. Now click the “Generate HTML Link” button to generate the HTML link code.
  7. The generated hyperlink code will be available in the “HTML Link Code ” textarea.

How to create a link that opens in a new tab?

If you want to create a link that opens in a new tab or window, set the value of the “Target” selectbox under attributes to “_blank”.

How to create a nofollow link?

If you want to create a nofollow link, Add the value nofollow to the “Rel” textbox. You can also add multiple values like “nofollow noreferrer”.

What is an HTML hyperlink?

HTML hyperlinks are web links that allow a user to navigate to another part of a website or to a new website. Hyperlinks are also used to provide downloadable content.

Hyperlink Attributes

Hyperlink tag has several attributes which can be used to provide additional information about the linked page. Here are some of the most used ones.


Used to indicate that the target will be downloaded when a user clicks the link. The value of the download attribute will be the filename. Here is an example:



Used to specify the language of the linked document. Requires two letter language code as the value.



The ping attribute holds a list of URLs to be notified when the user clicks the hyperlink. This attribute is mainly used for tracking and monitoring. Multiple URLs can be added separated by a space. Here is an example:



The target attribute is used to specify where to open the hyperlink.

Hyperlink Target attribute values
_blankopens the link in a new window or tab
_parentopens the link in the parent frame
_topopens the link in the full body of the window
_selfdefault. opens the link in the same frame


The type attribute is used to specify the media type (MIME type) of the linked document. Here is an example: